Photographs from the Tomhu Roberts Collection. (54)

1. 2 photographs John Hugh Roberts - Writer, Recorder

Much can be learned from research into his life from the 60 years of his dairies from this life.
He culminated his lives work in the "Druid Manuscripts" and "The Stone Book of Knowledge".

2. 2 Photograph of Anne Roberts - Pioneer Wife

John Hugh and Anne were together 60 years. John Hugh Roberts kept diaries as a record of his life so Ann
is throughout the diary. They had three children, Sarah Anne Erie Roberts, Mississippi Roberts, and Thomhu Huron Roberts. She had 5 grandchildren.

3. 4 photographs of Tomhu Huron Roberts - Early Canadian Artist

Tomhu lived with his family in Vancouver for 25 years at 2527 Quebec Street.
Because Tomhu painted in Toronto and Vancouver, we have many fine landscapes depicting Canada in the early stage of its development.

4. 7 photos Mississippi Steele - Mother of "first boy born in Vancouver". Her nickname was "Sippi"

Missippi was the second child of John Hugh and Ann Roberts. She had three children Winny, Charles and Flossy.
Her second child was the "first boy born in Vancouver". The photo is with Flossy.

5. 8 photos of Charles Steele - "First boy born in Vancouver after incorporation"

Charles was born on Alexander Street near Gore Avenue on the 6th day of August in 1886.
With this registration he became "the first boy born in Vancouver after it was incorporated".

6. 7 photographs of William Butler Steele - Father of first boy born in Vancouver

Father of Charles Steele and wife of Mississippi. Together they had three children, Winny, Charles and Flossy. He and his brother had a photogaphy company in Winnipeg .. Steeles and Co.

7. 2 photographs of Winny Steele - Daughter of Mississippi/William

Winny from the age of four lived with her grandparents John and Anne Roberts in Vancouver.
Since Tomhu lived with them also there are many sketches of her.

8. 2 photographs of Flossie -Charle's sister

Flossy was the third child of William and Mississippi Steele. She was born in 1895
. She spent most of her life in Vancouver and her last residence was Burnaby.

9. 5 photographs of Berta- wife of Charles Steele

Berta( Roberta Nisbet) was the wife of Charles Steele.
They married in 1909 and spent the rest of their long lives together.

10. 7 Sarah Anne ..(Sis) daughter to John Hugh and Anne Roberts

1st marriage to Hector - son of well known Charles McKenzie, second to Rimer.
Two children Charles and Flossy. Flossy passed at 8 years old of Scarlet Fever.

11. 8 Group photos -

Sippi, William, Winny and Charles . 1892
Flossie, Sippi, Charles and Winny at the beach - Vancouver

Tomhu Huron Roberts and Berta(Charles wife) and
Sippi and Winny, Sippi, Flossie and Berta in Basket, Group with Bicycle , other group photos